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Enrich all of your five senses with each taste.

Intense Feel:
Just swirling your fingers around on this body cream can be a sensuous experience.
Other pleasurable uses.

Complex Flavors:
Nibble thoughtfully. With one or two fingers swirl a small amount on the back of your other hand. Allow it to melt slowly with your body temperature and then taste it. Savor the complex intense flavors unique to our signature body cream. You control the level of taste & sweetness by how much you use or rub it in.

Silky Smooth Texture:
Let your tongue & your fingers linger, luxuriating in the silky smooth texture that is unmistakably the rare and all natural ingredients of Yumé Blush.

Aromatic Fragrance:
Rub a small amount between your hands to release the rich bouquet of scents
unique to the country in which they originated. Cup your hands near your face and deeply inhale to enjoy a one-of-a-kind aromatic adventure.

Sensuous Sounds:
With every glide, kiss or taste, the sound (or silence) of your partner's pleasure will assure you...that you've made the right choice!

Notable Difference:
You will never be sticky or greasy no matter which way you choose to use Yumé Blush. A little goes a long way. It never needs to be re-applied during massage but absorbs immediately after. Explore other Yumé Blush delicasies in the collection to discover the differences between flavors, & aromatic nuances.
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