• Nutrient-rich, heat-activated flavorful bouquet as long as you massage it stays, once you stop it absorbs
  • Amaze your palate and rejuvenate your body & soul with relaxation aromatherapy
  • Helps promote healthy eyelashes, hair, fingernails, smoothing wrinkles, & skin regeneration
  • No artificial: preservatives, fragrances, flavors, colors or chemicals
  • No artificial: emulsifiers, thickeners, waxes, sweeteners or natural sugars
  • No stickiness, staining or negative aftertaste
  • Amazonian, East Asian, African butters, organic flavors & 100% pure essential oils
  • 100% fruits, herbs, leaves, roots, seeds and flowers from around the world
  • High in Vit. A, E, D & F, essential fatty acids, antioxidants + many other natural soothing benefits
    to aid in relief from psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems
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 Flavored Body Cream & Edible Massage Oil
"Yum� products are pure, safe and even edible! That meets my strict guideline of �If I can�t eat it, I won�t put it on my skin� Toxic Beauty
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