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                         Is About Making You Happy
  • Love your feedback in: email, customer reviews, and best of all, in a phone call, you choose
  • Had an "idea" and started formulating in 2005 and will keep perfecting until...
  • 2005 until 2009 sold to customers and gave to family and friends
  • January 2009 Yumé Blush went online
  • December 2009 started selling locally to Whole Foods Market
  • 2009 until present, designing a label and website, that is tasteful and pleasant to the eye
  • 2009 until present, focusing on formulating a body butter that delivers everything promised
  • Volunteering 10+ years, 6 to 15 hours a week with adults that have Aspergers syndrome
  • Most of all making an edible massage oil, body butter, body cream (all in one) that will impress you!
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