"The soufflé-like creams are made from edible ingredients,...Plus, they smell heavenly, and come in a variety of exotic flavour combinations...

  " March Conscious Vegan Subscription box ...Yume Blush Lip and Body Treatment - this smells amazing, it's smooth, creamy and very hydrating, in a cute jar.."

  "In love with the Yume Blush Lavender Lemon lip & body balm from my last Conscious Box."

The Smell of it Reminds Me of a Beautiful Garden in a Tropical Land...
 "I have used Yume Blush's flavour on my lips, feet and fingernails for the last two months.  They are so smooth and luscious..."Read More

 Seriously, This is Grade A Body Chiffon...
 "The fun part about this chiffon is that it tastes great due to the real ingredients! It doesn’t carry a greasy feel afterwards, rather, just blends in with the skin beautifully..."Read More

  Here's Something Totally New: Sweet-Flavored Body Creme...
 "These creams are very light, not at all sticky and, best of all, taste really good..."

  It’s a Fabulous (Really, I Mean AMAZING) Moisturizer....
 "Yume Blush is for everyone. There’s not a girl in the world that wouldn’t love this stuff. Get it  for your bridesmaids; get it for you...."

  You Can Actually Eat This Stuff (Great For Honeymoons)...
 "Honestly, I really love this stuff, it's soft, and succulent, smells amazing, you only need a tiny  bit, and I can use it on my face, lips, elbows, well, all over..."Read More

  Best Of All, They’re Pretty Tasty...
 "Each scent/flavor definitely represents their namesake. They’re fragrant, yet not in an  overbearing way. I like this a lot..."Read More

  Killer as a Moisturizer...Kiss Ashiness Goodbye, Lovelies
 "They call it Body Chiffon… which is the perfect name. It’s not like body butter. It’s light and  fluffy, airy… and to be honest, tastes damn good..."Read More

  It Smells Just Like a Fruity Chocolate Truffle...
 "It smells like candy, sort of looks like candy, is inspired by candy, and is even edible!... "
Read More

  What is Yumé Blush?
 "It looks like whipped cream and tastes just as good, if not better. Their products are pure  and safe and even edible! That meets my strict guideline of “If I can’t eat it, I won’t put it on  my  skin. When applied to the skin it..." Read More

  Best Of All You Can Lick and Eat this Stuff!
 "Yesterday's mail was so full of goodness that I've been licking myself for the past 12 hours.  I'm not the only one licking myself in my household either. I've seen the twins licking each  other too..." Read More

And Gosh, it Smells Insane...
"Your skin is actually extremely silky and smooth to the touch with no product build up or feel at all. And yep, it tastes good too. But really, the scent alone is enough to get me. Yum!..." Read More

 Luscious is the Best One-Word Definition
 "Imagine a custom flavored, whipped, velvety sensual massage creme for face or body; and  made from purpe  goodness. That is how I sum up Yumé Blush 100% botanical  vegan body  and face creme..." Read More

 Yume Blush Whipped Cream Chiffon
 "The dense, yet airy body chiffon warmed up with our own body heat, melting deliciously into the consistency of a massage oil leaving no greasy, slick-like residue..." Read More

I Have Never Used Anything Like This Before!
"First thought was edible?? But you have to taste it. Each one smells just like the flavor it’s named. And you can imagine having your husband, boyfriend, etc. giving you a massage with this..."

 Literally a Delicious Way to Moisturize
 "Your face isn’t the only part of your body that deserves the royal, natural treatment. Yumé  Blush’s line of 100% botanical, edible whipped chiffons work in whatever way you..." Read More

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